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《Google Sites(ウェブサイト作成ソフト)を使って創造力と協働力を育成する》 "Encouraging Creating and Collaboration via Google Sites"

7/30(土)15:20-17:20 定員:20名

7/31(日)10:00-12:00 定員:20名

担当:Kieran Julian キーラン ジュリアン先生(神田外語学院 English for International Communication Program スーパーバイザー)

講座言語:英語 ・ 主な対象:中学・高校・大学教員 ・ ICTリテラシー:中級​ ・ 講義スタイル:ワークショップ


The availability and popularity of Google sites now makes it easier than ever to create an attractive, engaging and user friendly website for free. This offers students the opportunity to collaborate in a real time setting while also allowing them to be creative in the design, layout and content they choose to include in their website. 

The purpose of this workshop will be to provide teachers with the skills and knowledge they require in order to create a Google Website and how this knowledge can be transferred to their students. I will also demonstrate examples of how I use websites in my classroom and websites my students have created.


Hello my name is Kieran and I would like to welcome you to the digital world. As creativity and cooperation become ever more important skills for all students it is important that we teachers  understand how we can best help our students develop these skills. This presentation will focus on the creation and design of a Google website and how this can offer students the opportunity to work together while also developing their creative skills.


Kieran Julian is a supervisor in the English for International Communication program at KIFL. He has a MBA from Anaheim University in California and a MA in TESOL from Sunderland University in the UK. His principal fields of research are digital learning, CLIL and student self access.

ON-10 《Google Sites(ウェブサイト作成ソフト)を使って創造力と協働力を育成する》 "Encouraging Creating and Collaboration via Google: TeamMember



ON-10 《Google Sites(ウェブサイト作成ソフト)を使って創造力と協働力を育成する》 "Encouraging Creating and Collaboration via Google: テキスト
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