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"How to Increase Student Learning and Motivation with Digital Student Portfolios"

7/30(土)15:20-17:20 定員:制限なし

7/31(日)10:00-12:00 定員:制限なし

担当:Sean Green ショーン グリーン先生(神田外語学院 English for International Communication Program スーパーバイザー)

講座言語:日本語・英語 ・ 主な対象:中学・高校・大学教員 ・ ICTリテラシー:中級

​講義スタイル:講義 / ディスカッション


Digital Student Portfolios are web sites where students can store and share their best work. There are many benefits to putting student portfolios into the English language curriculum. Portfolios increase student motivation, creativity, learning, ITC literacy and of course, language skills. This workshop will cover how KIFL has incorporated online student portfolios into the EIC curriculum, with examples and tips for helping your students make portfolios of their own. 


Many teachers see the potential benefits of creating digital portfolios but may be nervous about their own ability to teach students how to make a portfolio. This course will not only cover the benefits of portfolios but also very useful examples, tips and ample time for your specific questions. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


I have a BS degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with two additional years of study at UNL in linguistics and ESL education.

ON-11 《デジタル学生ポートフォリオを活用して学習とモチベーションを増進させる方法》 "How to Increase Student Learning and Motivation with D: TeamMember



ON-11 《デジタル学生ポートフォリオを活用して学習とモチベーションを増進させる方法》 "How to Increase Student Learning and Motivation with D: テキスト
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