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《オンライン学生アンケートを活用して 学生・生徒に考えさせる》
"Using Online Surveys to Help Your Students Think"

7/30(土)13:00-15:00 定員:20名

7/31(日)10:00-12:00 定員:20名

担当:Anton Lloyd-Williams アントン ロイドウィリアムズ先生(神田外語学院 English for International Communication Program スーパーバイザー)

講座言語:英語 ・ 主な対象:中学・高校・大学教員 ・ ICTリテラシー:中級 ・ 講義スタイル:ワークショップ


Critical Thinking activities are often difficult to fit into the EFL curriculum as the main focus of many courses is language acquisition. In this session we will use engaging class surveys, delivered by tablet or PC, to generate information. The information produced by these surveys is very meaningful and interesting for the students because it is real information about them!
We will then look at how students, of all levels and abilities, can confidently discuss and use this information in a range of highly communicative Critical Thinking activities.


Hello. I would like to share with you one of the most engaging activities I do with the first year students at KIFL. Through this activity, the students increase their confidence in expressing quite complex ideas. I have no doubt that your students will enjoy it just as much.


Anton Lloyd-Williams is a Supervisor at KIFL. He has also worked at the institution as IT Department Coordinator as well as full time English Instructor. In addition, he has worked as a full time Senior Lecturer at Kanda University of International Studies. He has a Master's Degree in Online Education.

ON-12 《オンライン学生アンケートを活用して 学生・生徒に考えさせる》 "Using Online Surveys to Help Your Students Think": TeamMember



ON-12 《オンライン学生アンケートを活用して 学生・生徒に考えさせる》 "Using Online Surveys to Help Your Students Think": テキスト
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