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《Zoomを使ってコミュニケーションスキルを育てる》"How to Teach Communication Skills through Zoom"

7/30(土)13:00-15:00 定員:20名

7/31(日)13:00-15:00 定員:20名

担当:Javier Salazar ハビア サラザール先生(筑波大学講師)

講座言語:日本語・英語 ・ ​主な対象:中学・高校・大学教員 ・ ICTリテラシー:中級 ・ 講義スタイル:ワークショップ


The advent of the GIGA School program in Japan has also given widespread accessibility to online platforms for synchronous communication, such as Zoom. Particularly, Zoom has become popular for carrying on classes during the current COVID 19 pandemic. Alternatively, even during non-pandemic times, it can be used for teaching students that for some reason or another cannot attend school. Nevertheless, when it comes to using Zoom on English courses, it may add yet one more layer of difficulty for teaching communication skills.  Normally, the pedagogy of speaking skills is fraught with many challenges: insecurities of Japanese EFL students regarding their mastery levels, the innate difficulty of approaching cultural issues in language teaching, as well as the practical aspects of communicative tasks in general. All of these hurdles are even further enhanced when teaching remotely through Zoom, due to the technical aspects of the platform as well as the rather impersonal nature of speaking with others through a screen. In this workshop, strategies for dealing with these issues will be presented, specially in regard s to fostering the strategic competence and conversation style awareness of the students. Participants of this workshop will be able to get hands-on experience on the usage of these strategies , so they can be used in the participants' own everyday teaching.


Are you having difficulties teaching communication skills to your students? Are you having trouble overcoming your students's lack of self confidence when speaking English to others? If you are, then you are not alone. In this seminar, we will address all of these issues  when it comes to teaching English communication skills both in the classroom as well as through synchronous online communication tools such as Zoom. Even if you are not using Zoom now, the advent of the GIGA School program has made it possible for you to use this tool to teach English to your students in any situation where a student cannot come to school, for example, during a typhoon. Join this seminar and you'll see how!


Javier Salazar is a EFL lecturer that is interested in the intersections between Culture, Language, Brain & Education. He has an academic/research background in Psychology, Cultural Anthropology and Human Informatics. His research themes include: Intercultural Communication, Communicative Competence Development, Self-Regulated Learning and the use of Gamification methods and Humor in the EFL classroom.

ON-3 《Zoomを使ってコミュニケーションスキルを育てる》"How to Teach Communication Skills through Zoom": TeamMember



ON-3 《Zoomを使ってコミュニケーションスキルを育てる》"How to Teach Communication Skills through Zoom": テキスト
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