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《スピーキングのためのインプットとアウトプットの強化》"Improving Input and Output for Speaking"




担当:Andrew Lankshear(アンディー ランクシャー)先生(福島県:郡山ザベリオ学園 Elementary English Department)




Paul Nation (2007) calls for a balance of the four strands of learning in syllabus design. These four strands are meaning-focused input, meaning-focused output, language-focused learning, and fluency development. This workshop will offer practical examples of how each of these four strands can be implemented in the young learner classroom by incorporating them into the three stages of a communicative language-based teaching (CLBT) lesson/syllabus; presentation, practice and production.

The workshop will begin with an overview of the four strands and the features that comprise a CLBT lesson/syllabus. I will offer practical activities for each of the stages within those lessons. Some activities will be complemented with digital-based versions using either Loilo Note or Keynote software. The aim is for teacher participants to leave the workshop with a repertoire of activities of which they have a good understanding about their purposes, their ideal placement in their lessons/syllabus, and how to implement them in either digital or paper-based formats.


I will introduce some basic guidelines and examples for creating fun, engaging activities in your young learners’ classroom. The goal of these activities is to enhance the quality of input and output in your lessons so your students are learning more and remembering more. I will also provide you with digital examples of these activities that you can create and share on iPads. The session will be a practical workshop for anyone wanting more ready-to-use ideas for their language classroom.


Andy Lankshear has been teaching English in Japan since 1998. Andy is the head English teacher at Koriyama Xaverio Elementary School. He has co-authored a teacher training book for teachers of young learners and also an English skills book series for Pearson Japan entitled English Language Booster.

ON-5《スピーキングのためのインプットとアウトプットの強化》: TeamMember



ON-5《スピーキングのためのインプットとアウトプットの強化》: テキスト
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