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"Digital Inquiry: EFLxICT"

7/30(土)13:00-15:00 定員:20名

7/31(日)10:00-12:00 定員:20名

担当:Jonathan Andreano ジョナサン アンドレアノ先生(東京都・開智日本橋学園中学・高等学校教諭)

講座言語:英語 ・ 主な対象:中学・高校・大学教員 ・ ICTリテラシー:中級



While many of us are eager to introduce engaging and exciting content into our own classes, it can be quite a daunting task to collect, organize, and develop the resources and activities we need to effectively support our students' language development and autonomy. With multiple learners, countless interests, and more often than not, one worried teacher - it can seem like there is never enough time, energy or courage to take on such a project – but it is not impossible! This workshop aims to showcase how a little ICT and an inquiry-based approach to language learning can revitalize classes, help teachers become more comfortable with digital tools, and most importantly, foster ownership of learning in our students. Let’s start over and learn how to learn again with our students through digital inquiry!


Learning is all about finding new passions and as teachers we have an important role in helping our students engage more with the world around them. But as you can imagine, this can get quite messy, especially when we step out of areas of expertise. Join me in learning how to navigate the tools needed to lead your class through digital inquiry!


Jonathan Andreano (MA TESOL) is an experienced educator with licenses in JHS Social Studies, SHS Geography & History, SHS Information Science, and JHS/SHS English. He currently works as an International Baccalaureate MYP/DP Coordinator and ICT Administrator at a private school in Tokyo, Japan.

ON-6 《デジタル探究学習:外国語×ICT》 "Digital Inquiry: EFLxICT": TeamMember



ON-6 《デジタル探究学習:外国語×ICT》 "Digital Inquiry: EFLxICT": テキスト
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