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《日本人学習者から意見を引き出す方法》 "How to Help Japanese Students Express Opinions"




担当:Sean Green(ショーン グリーン)先生(神田外語学院 EICスーパーバイザー)




This course will offer an overview of the innovative Ideas and Opinions course at Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages (KIFL). The course will give teachers practical, useful activities and ideas that they can use in the classrooms right away. We will focus on topics such as debate, ethics, critical thinking, team problem solving and techniques for teaching students to think on their feet and speak spontaneously.


If you find it challenging to get your students to speak up and say their opinions, I feel your pain. There is nothing more frustrating than a student saying "Wakaranai" when asked to give their opinion on the simplest topic. I hope this course will give you a lot of useful techniques for making expressing opinions fun and less stressful.

《Profile》I have a BS in Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as well as two years of post-graduate English and ESL instructor coursework. Currently I am teaching and supervising KIFL's second year Ideas and Opinions course in the English for International Communication Program. The course focuses on helping students formulate logical opinions and express their ideas clearly.

ON-6《日本人学習者から意見を引き出す方法》: TeamMember



ON-6《日本人学習者から意見を引き出す方法》: テキスト
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