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《クラスにおける発話:学習エンゲージメントを高めコミュニケーション活動を活性化する》"Speaking in Class: Ideas to Foster Engagement and Develop Communicative Ability"




担当:James Perry(ジェームズ ペリー)先生(神田外語学院 EIC教員)




One of the biggest obstacles for teachers in getting students to speak is lack of engagement. This can be due to: difficulty of the task; lack of interest in the topic; lack of visual cues - students must therefore try to visualize and produce language at the same time, leading to ""mental overload"".

The session will provide a number of practical ideas and suggestions to engage students to encourage them to speak more. Includes content on using technology in lessons, modeling language, visuals and visualization, student-centric content to foster interest in speaking.


Every teacher has at some stage has faced obstacles in encouraging students to express themselves freely. The theme of this seminar is to present and discuss a number of ideas to foster engagement and encourage students to speak by minimizing the social and technical barriers they often face.


Cambridge CELTA (2001) and Cambridge DELTA (2014) certification; EIC instructor and curriculum content creator at Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages (KIFL); IELTS speaking and writing instructor at international HS.

ON-7《クラスにおける発話:学習エンゲージメントを高めコミュニケーション活動を活性化する》: TeamMember



ON-7《クラスにおける発話:学習エンゲージメントを高めコミュニケーション活動を活性化する》: テキスト
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