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《COIL(オンライン国際協働学習)による英語スキルと国際文化理解力の育成》 "Using COIL and Virtual Exchanges to Improve English Skills and Develop Intercultural Competence"

7/30(土)13:00-15:00 定員:20名

7/31(日)10:00-12:00 定員:20名

担当:Nils Olov Fors ニルス オロブ フォルス先生(神田外語大学 English Language Institute 講師)

講座言語:英語 ・ 主な対象:高校・大学教員 ・ ICTリテラシー:中級 ・ 講義スタイル:ワークショップ


Collaborative online international learning (COIL) is a methodology for creating meaningful collaboration between students in different countries through online programs, projects, events, and activities. Interacting and communicating with international peers motivates students and helps them improve their English skills, build confidence, and develop their intercultural competence. This workshop is designed for high school and university teachers interested in using COIL and virtual exchanges in their courses. The first part of the workshop provides a brief introduction to COIL and virtual exchanges and includes practical examples of activities that can be integrated into classroom teaching. The second part of the workshop is an actual COIL activity in which participants interact and collaborate with teachers in different countries. The workshop ends with a discussion of how COIL activities and virtual exchanges can be integrated into regular classroom teaching of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.


Join this workshop to experience collaborative online international learning (COIL) with colleagues in other countries and learn how to design and implement COIL activities and virtual exchanges.


Nils Olov (Olaf) Fors has taught writing, linguistics, pedagogy, and EFL/ESL for more than 20 years in the U.S., China, South Korea, Sweden, and Vietnam, and has written several EFL textbooks. Olaf currently teaches at Kanda University of International Studies. 

ON-7 《COIL(オンライン国際協働学習)による英語スキルと国際文化理解力の育成》 "Using COIL and Virtual Exchanges to Improve English Ski: TeamMember



ON-7 《COIL(オンライン国際協働学習)による英語スキルと国際文化理解力の育成》 "Using COIL and Virtual Exchanges to Improve English Ski: テキスト
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